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  • Visions Of Jeannie (1986)

    Jonathan Burroughs

    * Nikki Charm
    * Nina Hartley
    * Summer Rose
    * Tamara Longley
    * Tracey Adams

    * Jay Serling
    * Jerry Butler
    * Kevin James

    Scene Breakdowns:
    * Scene 1. Summer Rose, Jay Serling
    * Scene 2. Summer Rose, Tamara Longley
    * Scene 3. Nina Hartley, Jerry Butler
    * Scene 4. Tracey Adams, Jay Serling
    * Scene 5. Nikki Charm, Kevin James
    * Scene 6. Nina Hartley, Summer Rose, Tamara Longley, Tracey Adams, Jay Serling, Jerry Butler

    This well crafted sex video is a tale of the super natural that features some super tail. Tracey Adams plays a spacey clairvoyant who uses her Ouija board in wonderful, wanger-warming ways, including magically assuming the sexual personality of Summer Rose for a spunk splattered encounter with Jay Serling, then topping herself when, simply by lifting her skirt and wiggling her snatch, she brings Tamara Langley back from the dead for a final ?out of this world? orgy. You don?t need a crystal ball to see that Jeannie?s visions will delight your dick!




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