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  • Erotic Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood (1993)

    Red Riding Hood is the sordid story of a nasty family…
    The Hoods, who indulge in sex without limits. Granny and mom’s
    escapades leave the neighbors breathless and jealous. Can Red
    rise to the level of her family and possibly be the most depraved?
    Not a minute is wasted. Hot, hard sex fills the screen as the
    debauchery continues. A midget partakes of the carnal feast….
    and Red turns the tables on a Wolf who is big where it can do her
    the most good.

    Director: Franco Lo Cascio as Luca Damiano


    Barbarella (Cappuccetto Rosso/Red Riding Hood),
    Karin Shubert=Karin Schubert (la nonna/Grandma),
    Carole Nash (Rosetta),
    Chessie Moore (la madre/the mother),
    Agnes, Yves “Il Fungo”=Yves Baillat,
    Philippe Svan=Philippe Soine (il lupo/the wolf),
    Rick Banana=Richard Voisin,
    Ron Jeremy,
    L. Damiano=Luca Damiano (non-sex, nel ruolo di un cuoco/the cook)




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