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  • Blonde Exzesse (1987)

    Year: 1987
    Country: Italy
    Duration: 1ch10m

    Cast: Karin Schubert (Karin Shubert), Jean-Pierre Armand, Marina Kiss

    While writing a new book, Karin Schubert imagines a series of erotic sexual encounters that eventually culminate with her being gang raped while her tied-up lover (JP Armand) watches on helplessly…but she doesn’t seem to mind it. Also stars Tracey Adams.
    Karin Schubert: Blonde Exzesse
    Karin Schubert is the Sophia Loren of porn. Even back in VHS times and even when this movie was shot, Mrs Schubert was in the ‘mature’ age-bracket. Here she plays a writer who devotes her time to pornographic stories – without exception things she experienced herself or happened to close friends of hers. This gives the tales a very personal touch. She’s attracted to younger men and leaves them in no doubt as to what she’s after. And she doesn’t have to ask the guys twice. She sucks cock as only a very experienced woman can – without seeming old-fashioned …




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